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STUDIO KURA | Artist Residency in Itoshima, Japan

In the midst of God| Solo Exhibition at Studio Kura (February 25 - 26, 2023)

This series of paintings is derived from the buildings I see as I take the train around Fukuoka. Being raised in a major city, I have always been fascinated by the sense of safety and comfort I feel whenever I'm inside a building. It's more often than not, a bubble of respite; a step apart from the bustling streets. But as I ride my train and watch these buildings swiftly pass by, I see glimpses of people’s intimate lives. Through patios and windows I see peoples leisurely minding their own business. Through mundane acts such as taking down their laundry or tending their plants, these people glory in the space provided to them. 

I wonder how much we take for granted individual shelter and security. It is quite customary for people to pray to the gods in shrines and temples for their protection. But ultimately, shelter is our best and most abundant form of security. Whether you live in a house, an apartment, or even a small hovel, there is protection to be found in shelter. Not only from the elements, but from the frantic pace of life. During this 4-week residency, I have attempted to glorify these mundane buildings and paint them as our own warding gods.

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