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Group Exhibition: The New Beehive Exhibition, Salt Lake Community College Eccle's Gallery, Salt Lake City, Utah (July 8 - September 3, 2021)

To me, the symbol of bees and beehives represents diligence in all aspects of life. I wanted my work to reflect how something small like the individual origami piece, can become great and monumental when tirelessly compounded. The process of folding symbolizes the raw effort we put into building society. The bees are gold because that color has a connotation of nobility and decency; illustrating the noble attributes of all those in Utah trying to make it a better place, even a place of refuge.


Utah has been a second home to me. I came here from Hong Kong when I was in high school and I appreciated that many people were so accepting of me. The little things that each person did to make me feel like I belonged really added up. Because of this, I believe that each of us has something unique and powerful to contribute to our community, and when we put our effort together, we are creating a beehive. A place for all, despite race, gender, economical status, or beliefs.

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