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Recollection Series

Work for "I AM" project

2021 - Current

When I think about my identity as a person of color, my immediate thought goes not to the color of my skin but the color of the city I grew up in. The color of buildings, billboards, markets, etc. My home and its people made me who I am today. I am a Latter-day Saint born and raised in Hong Kong. Even though my city was owned by Britain and is now owned by China, my racial identity remains as a Hong Kong citizen based on my upbringing during its unique period of self-governance. Sadly, there have been numerous upheavals in the past few years between the pro-democracy groups and the pro-Beijing government in Hong Kong. My fear that my identity as a “Hong Konger” will be erased, and the once vibrant, metropolitan, and autonomous city that I knew will be gone, is the very purpose of my involvement in the “I AM” series. My oil paintings will portray places and memories of my home city, such as the wet market, street food stalls, and the neon lights at night. The juxtapositions of color translate the glory and heritage that once flourished, while at the same time, contrasting the fearful reality that continues to trouble many in Hong Kong. 

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