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Recollection Series

Some pieces from this series were part of  the "I AM" project in 2021 

Some were for a solo exhibition at Center for Arts and Media on SLCC’s South City Campus in 2023

Recollection is a series of paintings that explore my identity as a “Hong Konger” and a commentary on the unsettling situation of my home. Commonplace in Hong Kong, such as restaurants and street markets, stand as symbols to politically sensitive events that have happened over the years. Imagining people under such political instabilities, many of them are forced to censor themselves and cloak their true beliefs. Eventually, someone as modest as a fruit seller may need to seek cover behind a painted mask or see themselves disappear entirely. 
My memory of my home is the only thing I can hold on to with life's uncertainties. By recollecting these bits and pieces of my past, I gain a sense of control and am able to move on into the unknown.

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