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Hong Kong Artist Pop-up Exhibition

Group Exhibition at Anderson-Foothill Library (October 7, 2023)

Participating Artists:

Aaron Lai @aaronlaiart

Krista Chan @kristachandesign

Mercedes Ng @mercedesng_art

The Artist Career Empowerment grant, generously provided by the Salt Lake City Arts Council, played a pivotal role in the realization of a groundbreaking Hong Kong art exhibition in Salt Lake City. This unique event took place at the Anderson Foothill Library on October 7, featuring the remarkable works of three Hong Kong artists: Aaron Lai, Krista Chan, and Mercedes Ng. Importantly, it offered free admission to attendees, making it accessible to all.

The event resonated with a diverse audience, attracting not only Hong Kong residents but also Salt Lake City locals. Remarkably, some individuals traveled from Utah County to support the event, highlighting its regional significance. The sponsorship from the Salt Lake City Arts Council was pivotal in empowering the Hong Kong artists' community and bringing this exhibition to life.

Beyond its immediate goals, the exhibition left an indelible mark on the cultural landscape of Salt Lake City. It enriched the city's artistic scene, promoted cross-cultural dialogue, and fostered a sense of connection among attendees. This project exemplifies the power of art to bridge communities, spark conversations, and elevate cultural understanding.

Event Highlights

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