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Installation: Innate

Group Exhibition: B-66 Group Show, BF Larson Gallery, Provo, Utah (November 19, 2020- January 28, 2021)

Innate is a study in endurance. 

Each and every day is made up of things that must be experienced. Hope, joy, loss, anger, boredom, fear, insecurity, anticipation, etc. Every encounter carries its own unique weight. Sometimes we face these joyfully, other times maybe less so. In this piece, I wanted to create something that turned these intangible battles, victories and hardships into an art form. I, with help from those close to me, measured, cut, and folded over 2000 origami triangles all by hand. The process of forming these origami pieces became a reflection of the unexciting and exhilarating things we often wade through. Experiences, when patterned together, can result in something much more meaningful.

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